About that last-minute fundraising…

Last night I was talking to a friend, who in the past couple of days had received a few emails and phone calls from the Obama campaign asking for donations. She wondered what the money would go for. After all, here in NJ (the true-blue-bluest of the blue states) we are bombarded with round-the-clock Obama advertising in the local, New York, and Pennsylvania stations. Obama’s already outspent McCain by over $500,000,000. They can’t possibly be buying more ads.

Well, Brian has a question for you: Obama Still Soliciting Donations
Is He Preparing to Litigate this Election?

With just 5 days left in the campaign, and with little buys left that could affect the outcome, the only logical reason for Barack Obama to be collecting money now is for expenses after election day. And there’s a limited range of possibilities — paying the transition staff a little more, throwing a more extravagant inaugural ball, or bringing litigation to challenge the results on election day.

Now let’s carry that speculation one inch further: If Obama wins the presidency but the Dems don’t get a supermajority, then they’ll litigate those seats.

And that’s going to take a lot of money.

On second thought…
Guess What, the Democrats Don’t Need 60 Votes


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One Response to “About that last-minute fundraising…”

  1. Francis W. Porretto Says:

    Of course he’s preparing to litigate the election! The ACORN vote-registration fraud is for that exact purpose: to ensure that if Obama loses, the result will be easy to cast into suspicion.

    Given the tremendous, nationwide felonies of the Obama camp this year, the balloting could award all 50 states to McCain and still remain within the “margin of lawyer” (Mark Steyn).