A Palin roundup: the hockey puck

I wasn’t quite awake when I read this headline, Palin Met With Boos at Flyers’ Opener, so my first question was “who’s Boos?”

So much for early-morning mental acuity.

The NYT heading was foreshadowed by a Sportswriter Overcome by Palin Derangement Syndrome. Sister Toldjah has more on the hockey game. John Hinderaker has a great hockey story.

Here’s the video, and all I can hear is the usual noise, mostly cheers,

Judith sent this video comparing Palin’s experience to Obama:

Roger Kimball writes about his disagreement with Christopher Buckley,

Opinion about Palin’s merits is sharply divided, even among conservatives. I acknowledge that she has performed poorly in some recent interviews. Nonetheless, I place myself firmly in the utterly besotted camp. In brief, I think she is the best thing to happen to conservatives since Ronald Reagan. I would feel far safer with her in the White House than I would were Joe Biden or Barack Obama presiding over the canapés at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Why? Well, I enumerated some reasons in a couple of posts last month (here and here.) As it happens, these pieces took off from Bill Buckley’s famous mot about preferring to be governed by the first 2000 names in the Boston telephone directory rather than the 2000 members of the Harvard faculty. Why would he have said that?

In a similar vein, The Media’s Vendetta Against Palin

Playing Palin. The one good thing about the article is this photo:

She autographed the camera “I am not Tina Fey.”

Palin criticizes obama on abortion at PA rally

And the shoes, of course:
No Palin roundup would be complete without a mention of her shoes.

The news services have a shoe fetish with Sara Palin’s shoes, and Mary‘s keeping track. I have been making a modest profit from posting Amazon associates links to Palin’s shoes. Like Palin, I favor red shoes, and bought myself a pair of these for my birthday last month.

By the way, any woman with legs like Palin’s would be crazy to hide them in pantsuits. Eat your heart out, Hillary.

How about the Palin tote bag? We’ve got your tote bag right here.

Last but not least,
Via Baldilocks, ‘Zo’s latest:

“Ooh, the Obama supporters are going to foam at the mouth for that comment!”

Video: Palin hits Obama on abortion

Chomsky on Palin


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6 Responses to “A Palin roundup: the hockey puck”

  1. Public Secrets Says:

    Y’all are ballot cattle!…

    I think McCain should send this guy to the next debate as his stand-in: (hat tips: Fausta and Baldilocks) Technorati tags: African-Americans, Republicans, John McCain, conservatives, video……

  2. robert basler Says:

    Hey, thanks for linking to my Oddly Enough blog. Please come back often and bring your friends.

    Bob Basler

  3. Pat Patterson Says:

    Didn’t Philadelphia fans boo Santa Claus one year? Seems like business as usual in the City of Brotherly Love.

  4. Anthony (Los Angeles) Says:

    Philly would boo Baby Jesus.

  5. Mary Says:

    When I played the video, I didn’t hear the “almost deafening boos” that were reported in the New York Times and in AP reports. Like you said, just the usual noise and cheers. I guess you had to be there.

    Also, on the video, in the background, you can see some people applauding. At least there were a few friendly people to welcome Gov. Palin to the City of Brotherly Love.

    And thanks for the link!

  6. It’s Funny Friday, 10/17/2008 « Mr. Smith Goes Conservative Blogging Says:

    […] of her by writing on a camera, “I’m not Tina Fey.” The picture is via Fausta and originally from The […]