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Obama’s new attack on those who don’t want higher taxes: “Selfishness”

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Obama’s new attack on those who don’t want higher taxes:  “Selfishness”

“The point is, though, that — and it’s not just charity, it’s not just that I want to help the middle class and working people who are trying to get in the middle class — it’s that when we actually make sure that everybody’s got a shot – when young people can all go to college, when everybody’s got decent health care, when everybody’s got a little more money at the end of the month – then guess what? Everybody starts spending that money, they decide maybe I can afford a new car, maybe I can afford a computer for my child. They can buy the products and services that businesses are selling and everybody is better off. All boats rise. That’s what happened in the 1990s, that’s what we need to restore. And that’s what I’m gonna do as president of the United States of America.

“John McCain and Sarah Palin they call this socialistic,” Obama continued. “You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness.”

Listen to the Marxist say it:

Video via Gateway Pundit, who also links to Mark Tapscott’s Notes on Obama’s Coming Caracas on the Potomac

Don’t expect Tapscott to be in the plane:

Once he is sworn in, expect Obama to move on multiple fronts to intimidate or silence critics. He has expressed opposition to renewal of the Fairness Doctrine, an action that would all but destroy Talk Radio and cripple the expression of conservative dissent. But he could accomplish much the same effect by imposing ownership caps and other measures, as Jesse Walker pointed out recently:

“There’s a host of other broadcast regulations that Obama has not foresworn. In the worst-case scenario, they suggest a world where the FCC creates intrusive new rules by fiat, meddles more with the content of stations’ programs, and uses the pending extensions of broadband access as an opportunity to put its paws on the Internet. At a time when cultural production has been exploding, fueled by increasingly diverse and participatory new media, we would be stepping back toward the days when the broadcast media were a centralized and cozy public-private partnership.”

The conservative non-profit and think tank communities will also be targeted. The Clinton administration used IRS investigations of trumped-up charges of tax exemption abuse to force The Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute and other other major conservative tanks to spend millions of dollars and countless man-hours defending themselves and their donors. That diverted millions of dollars worth of resources that could have otherwise been devoted to making the case against Slick Willie’s liberal policies.

Expect the same from the IRS under Obama, plus even more aggressive efforts in the form of attempts to impose racial and other quotas on think tanks at their director and management levels, via regulatory changes in tax-exemption administration. Legislation to do this in California at the state level is already progressing in the legislature there, so similar federal efforts are a virtual certainty.

And business community organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and National Federation of Independent Business shouldn’t think they will be exempt, either. The same exemption regulation that will be used to throw Heritage and Cato back onto the defensive will be deployed against business associations.

Ditto for defense and other firms doing business with the government. Expect massive increases in regulatory interference in the way these companies do business, including particularly their hiring and firing processes. Davis-Bacon’s “prevailing wage” requirements on federal contractors are a mere taste of what an Obama administration will do to insure company executives think twice before criticizing Obama policies in internal communications or in comments to the media.

Won’t the First Amendment prevent the creation of this Caracas on the Potomac? Well, ask yourself this: How effective was it in preventing the imposition of speech codes that effectively silence so much dissent from the liberal orthodoxy on the typical American campus?

The handwriting’s on the wall, guys.

F*ck him!


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Washington Times, NY Post, Dallas Morning News kicked off Obama plane

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Washington Times kicked off Obama plane

The Washington Times, N.Y. Post and Dallas Morning News — three newspapers that recently endorsed John McCain — have been kicked off Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s plane in the final days of his campaign.

The Obama campaign informed The Washington Times Thursday evening of its decision, which came two days after The Times editorial page endorsed Senator John McCain over Mr. Obama. The Times editorial page runs completely independent of the news department.

“This feels like the journalistic equivalent of redistributing the wealth. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars covering Senator Obama’s campaign, traveling on his plane, and taking our turn in the reporter’s pool, only to have our seat given away to someone else in the last days of the campaign,” said Washington Times Executive Editor John Solomon. News organizations typically pay campaigns for the cost of traveling on the candidate’s planes.

The Washington Times endorsed Mr. McCain on Tuesday.

It’s not sufficient that the Obama campaign is selling Chicago election night coverage packages to news outlets, now they want only worshipful documentarians who will produce hagiographies about his historic importance.

Via Dirty Harry, Change We Can Believe In?

Watching a Senator Barack Obama worship service — I mean campaign rally stop — almost makes me wonder why I’m not voting for him. Will he really begin to “heal the planet” and slow the rise of the oceans? Can all of these devoted disciples of The One be wrong?

Yes they can!

Excuse me for not taking part in the Obamagasms but this election is looking a lot more like 1984 instead of 2008. The Ministry of Truth keeps telling us what is okay to believe about Obama and that his words don’t really mean what they do. News outlets are banned from interviewing the candidate, citizens are investigated for asking questions, websites are scrubbed of controversial information and potentially embarrassing video tapes are kept under wraps. I understand this sounds a little Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, but hear me out.

Read the rest.


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Checks and balances YouTube

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Betty Jean Kling has posted our podcast into a YouTube:

Khalidi tape roundup: The tape the LAT won’t release

Friday, October 31st, 2008

This is the final weekend before the Presidential election, and the media is intent in hiding any information that might hurt the chances of Obama becoming President of the United States. All day today I’ll be doing a roundup of stories on the LA Times’ decision not to release the tape, or the transcript of the dinner where Barack Obama, Bernardine Dorn, William Ayers and others celebrated of Rashid Khalidi — former mouthpiece for PLO master-terrorist Yasser Arafat – and his new job, the Edward Said chair at Columbia University.

Let’s start with Andrew McCarthy’s The Los Angeles Times’s Strange Notion of Journalistic Ethics
Give us the tape … or at least a transcript of Obama’s radical shindig.

The full story couldn’t be more relevant. Barack Obama says he is a staunch supporter of Israel. The importance of the Khalidi festivities isn’t simply that Obama lavished praise on a man who was an Arafat apologist — although that is troubling in itself. What also matters is that many speakers (no doubt including Obama’s good friend Khalidi himself) said extremely provocative things about Israel and American policy.

Hugh Hewitt’s The Tightening Race And The Wreck Of The Los Angeles Times

Which brings us to the Khalidi-Obama tape and the decision of the Los Angeles Times to suppress it. This is an astonishing moment in the history of journalism. In the last presidential campaign, an arm of MSM attempted to influence the race by inventing a major story. This time, a different arm is influencing the race by censoring the news.

Victor Davis Hanson: The End of Journalism
Sometime in 2008, journalism as we knew it died, and advocacy media took its place.

Roger Kimball: Write the LA Times. The public has a right to know!

Protest at the L.A. Times: Free the tape!

NYT Identified Obama’s Pal Khalidi As Director of Palestinian Press Agency- Wafa

This Is the Khalidi Obama Embraced

Martin Kramer on Rashid Khalidi and Barack Obama – Kindred Spirits

LAT Cooks Up Third New Story in a Week: Now Releasing the Tape May “Put the Source in Jeopardy”

Video, via LGF Linkreader, video Rashid Khalidi – Palestine: 40 Years of Occupation, 60 Years of Dispossession; Rashid Khalidi and the PLO; Khalidi of the PLO

Rashid Khalidi was a LOT more than just a PLO “spokesman”

I’m Glad Joe Klein Could Do Research On Rashid Khalidi

Disclosure Double Standard

LA Times said leaks are important

From Irish Spy: LA Times suppresses tape possibly harmful to Obama
Why not just say “the dog ate it!”
Write the Los Angeles Times

Rewind No Evil, Replay No Evil, Reject No Evil

Obama’s Anti-Israel Islamic Pals
LA Times: In The Tank For Obama

Is LA Times secretly on McCain’s side?

Fox News Chases Down Rashid Khalidi

Rasmussen: Obama Up 4; Battleground: Obama Up 4: Will The Undecideds Help McCain Close This Gap?

On Rashid Khalidi, The New York Times Might Try Reading the New York Times

3:50PM Swimmin’ with the Sharks

Now We Know Why the LA Times isn’t Releasing the Obama – Khalidi Tape

If you post on this subject, please leave a link in the comments section and I’ll add it to this roundup. Thank you.

Prior post here


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Action Movie Dry Spell

Friday, October 31st, 2008

My latest post, Action Movie Dry Spell is up at LadyBlog. I indulged and posted a photo of Robert Downey Jr Smokin’.
Check it out and leave a comment!

Oh, what the heck!

Today’s podcast at 7PM Eastern: Halloween poetry slam!

Friday, October 31st, 2008

UPDATE, Saturday 1 November
The poetry slam was something else! For the first half hour the switchboard didn’t work, so start listening at the 30-minute mark, and then we had a wonderful time. Jane Goodwin, Shane and Frank were there, along with the recurrent audio of Vincent Price, which kept popping up whether we wanted it or not.

Haunted? only with laughter!

Jane Goodwin‘s back with more poetry, and it’s Halloween, so we’ll combine every theme and add a few spooky poems to the mix. Call in with your favorites!

Chat’s open at 6:45PM, and the call in number is 646 652-2639. Join us!

Listen to Faustas blog on internet talk radio

About that last-minute fundraising…

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Last night I was talking to a friend, who in the past couple of days had received a few emails and phone calls from the Obama campaign asking for donations. She wondered what the money would go for. After all, here in NJ (the true-blue-bluest of the blue states) we are bombarded with round-the-clock Obama advertising in the local, New York, and Pennsylvania stations. Obama’s already outspent McCain by over $500,000,000. They can’t possibly be buying more ads.

Well, Brian has a question for you: Obama Still Soliciting Donations
Is He Preparing to Litigate this Election?

With just 5 days left in the campaign, and with little buys left that could affect the outcome, the only logical reason for Barack Obama to be collecting money now is for expenses after election day. And there’s a limited range of possibilities — paying the transition staff a little more, throwing a more extravagant inaugural ball, or bringing litigation to challenge the results on election day.

Now let’s carry that speculation one inch further: If Obama wins the presidency but the Dems don’t get a supermajority, then they’ll litigate those seats.

And that’s going to take a lot of money.

On second thought…
Guess What, the Democrats Don’t Need 60 Votes


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Where’s MY bailout?

Friday, October 31st, 2008

From Instapundit:

Where are MY Manolos?

Junk the Automakers’ Bailout

Speaking of bailouts…
John Derbyshire’s been entertaining Bad Thoughts on the LA Times.


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In his own words: Obama on the judges

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Judges “who strictly believe in the letter of the Constitution” need not apply:


SEN. BARACK OBAMA: Well, look, I think that you — what you can ask a judge is about their judicial philosophy. And as somebody who taught constitutional law for ten years, who actually knows a lot of the potential candidates for Supreme Court on the right as well as on the left ’cause I’ve taught with them or interacted with them in some way — I can tell you that how a Justice approaches their job, how they describe the path of interpreting the Constitution, I think can tell you a lot.

And so my criteria, for example, would be — if a Justice tells me that they only believe the strict letter of the Constitution — that means that they possibly don’t mean — believe in — a right to privacy that may not be perfectly enumerated in the Constitution but, you know, that I think is there.

I mean, the right to marry who you please isn’t in the Constitution. But I think all of us assume that if a state decided to pass a law saying, ‘Brian, you can’t marry the woman you love,’ that you’d think that was unconstitutional. Well, where does that come from? I think it comes from a right to privacy. That may not be listed in the Constitution but is implied by the structure of the Constitution.

So I can have that conversation with a judge. Now if it was a conservative who was listening to me right then says, ‘See? You know, he wants to allow the Court to legislate.’ Ninety-nine percent of cases the Constitution is actually gonna be clear. Ninety-nine percent of the cases are statutes or congressional intent is gonna be clear. But there are gonna be one percent, less than one percent of real hard cases.

WILLIAMS: Second Amendment last term.

OBAMA: Second Amendment last term is a great example, where the language of the Second Amendment is not perfectly clear. I believe that the Second Amendment is actually an individual right. I think that’s the better interpretation. You can make the other argument. And so I can have those kinds of discussions with a Justice without getting into the particulars of — is Roe versus Wade, as currently outlined, exactly what you believe? Or do you believe that the DC gun law should have been overturned? And I think Sen. McCain, if ends up being the nominee [sic], could have those same conversations as well.

Speaking of the Second Amendment, Dave Kopel has written the Gunning for Victory
Second Amendment voter guide.

Kopel asks,

Will the Second Amendment still have enough friends in Congress to defeat the anti-rights agenda that a President Obama would push? The answer may depend on how much volunteer time Second Amendment defenders devote to key congressional races in the next several days.


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Obama campaign lies about Heritage Foundation’s position on his tax plan

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Two days, and they still haven’t pulled the ads:
Heritage Asks TV Stations to Stop Airing Obama’s Misleading Ad

Two ads, one on print, and one on YouTube. Here’s the YouTube; ironically, it starts with “Not sure who to believe on taxes?”

The Heritage Foundation explains,

Two recent campaign advertisements seriously misrepresent the views of my client, The Heritage Foundation. They suggest, quite falsely, that The Heritage Foundation and one of its analysts support your tax plan.

The print ad on your Website as well as your ad entitled “Try This” reference a quote from policy analyst Rea Hederman. In fact, Mr. Hederman never said what is quoted there. Rather, the words you quote are from a New York Sun reporter who interviewed Mr. Hederman and summarized his views erroneously.

That the reporter’s summary is erroneous is evident from the actual quotes from Mr. Hederman presented in the article, which make it quite clear that Mr. Hederman believes your tax plan would be bad not only for the country, but for the middle class. By omitting the direct quotes from Heritage that are contained in the article and attributing to Heritage a conflicting statement not made by its analyst, the advertisement appears to be an intentional attempt to mislead.

“Not sure who to believe on taxes?” Certainly not Obama!


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