Jean Valjean = Obama: Who knew?

Roger Kimball has a hilarious take, Jean Valjean = Obama: Who knew?, on Les Misbarack:

Maybe Obama is not the Messiah, precisely, but a suffering martyr for liberty–Jean Valjean, in fact, Victor Hugo’s hero in Les Miserables signing “One Day More” with the rest of the cast: “One more day to revolution,” etc. etc.

Here’s a question. Is Mr. Walsh’s skit life at Obama’s HQ just before the on election a spoof, as it some people have described it? Or is an homage?

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

The scene above takes place at “Obama National Headquarters” on “November 3, 2008”, the night before the election.

Now, if you have seen Les Miz on Broadway you’d know that the eager revolutionaries got wiped out right after that song.

NOT a good metaphor for any electoral campaign.

If only Jibjab would do Bill & Hillary, they of the Lincoln bedroom, singing Master of the House:

As it turns out, Fox Movie Channel was playing back-to-back film adaptations of Les Miserables. The first one was the 1935 version with Frederick March and Charles Laughton, on which the Broadway version is based. The second was a pretty dismal 1952 British version that curiously skipped anything having to do with France.

Anyway, here’s an antidote to the singing O’campaigners, Bryn singing Stars.



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5 Responses to “Jean Valjean = Obama: Who knew?”

  1. Pat Patterson Says:

    Obama as Jean Valjean? The only character that seems perfectly suited to the Dauphin of Chicago is Marius Pontmercy, surrounded by people who loved him and are willing to die for him. Besides Victor Hugo was upset with Napoleon III for blackballing Hugo from the membership in the Royal Academy for years before the Emperor died.

    I always like Inspector Javert better anyway.

  2. Fausta Says:

    I’m partial to Javert in the musical because it’s sung by a bass baritone.

  3. Roger’s Rules » Jean Valjean = Obama: Who knew? Says:

    […] As Faust’s Blog points out, “if you have seen Les Miz on Broadway you’d know that the eager revolutionaries got wiped […]

  4. Obi's Sister Says:

    Yeah, when I showed the clip to the hubster last night, he snickered and asked, “Didn’t the second act open with them all dead?”

    Perhaps “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” would be more appropriate.

  5. Obi's Sister Says:

    Dang. The YouTube Thingy didn’t embed – here’s the link