How Green Was Gun-Tottin’ Joe Biden’s Valley

Biden, whose idea of patriotism is higher taxes, especially if you’re Catholic, has now come up with a double lie in one showing:
Joe claims he’s clutching his Beretta even when so enthusiastic about gun control that he was eager to lie about his role in the assault weapons ban:

And he’ll have you believe that he’s a hard coal miner

Biden took the stage atop a sunny hilltop above Virginia coal country and told the crowd, “Hope you won’t hold it against me, but I am a hard coal miner — anthracite coal. Scranton, Pennsylvania, that’s where I was born and raised.”

Brian‘s come up with the best comment:

Well, Joe Biden’s just gone up a notch in my estimation! A ‘hard coal miner.’ I can’t help but wonder whether Biden stole away from his family to work in the mines before he left Scranton at age 10. (If so, I want to talk to him about his views on child labor laws.) Or perhaps he worked in the mines during his summers away from Law school — to help pay the bills. Or maybe Biden’s family were coal miners — though his Wikipedia bio says his father was a car salesman, and his grandfather an elected official.

Brian thinks Biden was chanelling Zoolander, but I think Joe’s watched too may reruns of the classic tearjerking coal miner classic movie, How Green Was My Valley.


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4 Responses to “How Green Was Gun-Tottin’ Joe Biden’s Valley”

  1. Pat Patterson Says:

    I guess since, follwing the Biden logic here, I was born in a part of Los Angeles that was and is mainly Spanish speaking so I understand the needs of the Latino community? Even though my parents moved after one year. Besides, my grandad was a coal miner in Scotland and in the US and he always said that the difference between a smart person and an idiot was that one was the descendent of coal miners and the other was a coal miner. He was always rather blunt but he was rather proud to be the last miner in the family.

  2. Fausta Says:

    Yes, but was it hard or soft coal, Pat?

  3. Gringo Says:

    So 20 years later Biden is still copying Tony Benn’s speech! Once a plagiarizer, always a plagiarizer. Though in Biden’s case, what gets me is not the plagiarizing but the outright lie. He was the son of a salesman who attended a private high school ( Catholic) in Delaware.

  4. Pat Patterson Says:

    Both, cannel coal(like anthracite but very dirty which is why many older buildings in the UK are still brown) in Scotland and bituminous in Southern Illinois. He took my dad and my uncle when they were both boys down in the pit and then had the other miners turn off the lights and granddad shielded his flame until both boys began crying. Neither went down in the mine again.