EU report: “Blogging is also seen as an anti-establishment activity”

At Eurosoc:
The EU Blog Wars Have Begun

A recent European Commission report leaked earlier this month said that the EU was “losing the battle for hearts and minds” partly because of the activities of anti-EU bloggers. The recent defeat of the Lisbon Treaty in the Irish referendum led Eurocrats to study blog activity in the Republic; they concluded that Eurosceptic blogs, some by anonymous sources, outnumbered pro-treaty blogs. Of course the fact that the main Irish newspapers were overwhelmingly pro-Lisbon didn’t seem to worry them unduly.

“Blogging is also seen as an anti-establishment activity,” the report concluded, complaining that “the quality of debate has suffered” as a result of blog dissent attracting the attention of readers from TV and radio.

Bloggers anonymous and otherwise have good reason to be delighted to have proved a thorn in the EU’s side on this and other issues. The mainstream media on continental Europe is increasingly docile: Blogs offer the only real dissent in some countries. Even in Britain, where Eurosceptic newspapers enjoy a large market share, the reporting of EU issues is feeble: Dedicated Eurosceptic bloggers like Richard North spend almost as much effort correcting false Eurosceptic reporting as they do criticising the EU itself.

That’s Richard North of the excellent EU Referendum.

That bloggers challege the EU establishment comes as no surprise. However, the EU establishment is now changing the game:

The EU itself has decided that bloggers pose a threat to its status and even existence.

This is war.


4 Responses to “EU report: “Blogging is also seen as an anti-establishment activity””

  1. Public Secrets Says:

    Free speech is a danger…

    According to the EU, bloggers are a threat to its status and even existence. Outside of the UK, democratic governance has a very short, troubled history in Europe, as this fear of people not deferring to their “betters” shows. Technorati…

  2. Pat Patterson Says:

    It seems self-defeating that this annouced war was made over the major media outlets while the actual fighting was already being engaged by the blogs. The Romans had a tradition of declaring war by sending the aediles to the border of the enemy, announcing their intention and then throwing a spear into the nemies territory. Later on distance made this impossible so they merely dragged some unfortunate slave of that country to the Forum, repeated the same oration and stabbed him with a spear in a declaration of war. I’m just kidding about the stabbing but they would throw the spear into a circle inscribed in the sand around the captive.

    But unofficially Roman consular armies were already fighting and the declaration was after the fact. We can hope that the EU, in its self-assured grandiosity has failed to notice that the war is much more serious then a pro forma declaration will acknowledge. Plus maybe in a year or so they will notice that some of these blogs are being routed through American servers and thus are beyond the reach of, as Public Secrets points out, our betters.

  3. adam Says:

    I loved that news! These corrupted EU politicians would really like to take all basic human rights off their own very people who elected them.
    In Britain we were promised so many times to vote on European Treaty, but Labour Political Party and its leader Gordon Brown simply lied and tricked entire UK population by not allowing to vote. Such corrupted behavior has catapulted Conservative Party and its leader David Cameron into total success on local election. Conservative Party has also promised referendum about European treaty, which will never pass in Britain.
    Bloggers are increasing the level of informing people about what is really happening with their tax money in EU buereaucratic and corrupted political headquarters.

  4. badfrog Says:

    This is why we in the United States bitterly cling to our guns. The First Amendment is backed up by the Second.