And now for a Humphrey Bogart moment

Betty Jo’s podcast is on right now and she’s talking about Humphrey Bogart.

I posted about Humphrey Bogart in Dark Victory last year, but my most favorite Bogey scene is this one:

You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and… blow.


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2 Responses to “And now for a Humphrey Bogart moment”

  1. Betty Jo Tucker Says:

    Thanks so much, Fausta!

    Your favorite Bogie scene is a wonderful one.

    Loved your comments about Bogie on Movie Addict Headquarters today!

  2. Pat Patterson Says:

    My favorite has always been the scene near the end of Maltese Falcon when Gutmann(Sydney Greenstreet) and Joel Cairo(Peter Lorre) have left after finding the Falcon to be a fake. From 1:35 on in this clip Sam Spade(Bogart, who else) basically shakes the truth out of Bridget O’Shaughanessy(Mary Astor) and make her the fall guy for the various murders. He also makes a comment about how old she will be whenever she gets out of jail.

    This scene is unique in that it was made during the Hays Code period which normally would never have allowed a character to browbeat, abuse a woman or to abandon her even if she was guilty. Or to represent homosexuality in any manner except that the first time Joel Cairo came to see Spade he left a business card that smelled of Coco Chanel’s Gardenia Perfume(talk about useless trivia).