ACORN, Obama, and the Mortgage Mess

In tomorrow’s podcast at 10AM Eastern Matthew Vadum will be my guest to explain how Financial Affirmative Action works.

Today Mona Charen, both at Real Clear Politics and NRO, explains ACORN and Obama’s ties to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (emphasis added):

ACORN does many things under the umbrella of “community organizing.” They agitate for higher minimum wages, attempt to thwart school reform, try to unionize welfare workers (that is, those welfare recipients who are obliged to work in exchange for benefits) and organize voter registration efforts (always for Democrats, of course). Because they are on the side of righteousness and justice, they aren’t especially fastidious about their methods. In 2006, for example, ACORN registered 1,800 new voters in Washington. The only trouble was, with the exception of six, all of the names submitted were fake. The secretary of state called it the “worst case of election fraud in our state’s history.”

Along comes Obama and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge,

ACORN attracted Barack Obama in his youthful community organizing days. Madeline Talbott hired him to train her staff — the very people who would later descend on Chicago’s banks as CRA shakedown artists. The Democratic nominee later funneled money to the group through the Woods Fund, on whose board he sat, and through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, ditto. Obama was not just sympathetic — he was an ACORN fellow traveler.

Betsy has the must-read post on the bailout bill shennanigans:

And if Obama is the type of leader who lives up to his bragging about being able to bring all sorts of people together to solve difficult issues, why the blankety-blank didn’t he call a single House member to try to get this bill passed? It’s all well and good to blame John McCain for inserting himself into the negotiations last week, but without his efforts to bring the House Republicans to the table so that some of the most egregious parts of the bill like the money for ACORN, we wouldn’t have seen the numbers from the GOP voting for the bill that we saw yesterday.

And if you buy Pelosi’s argument that this was all the Republicans’ fault, perhaps the media could check out this video of Democrats in the House in 2004 denying that there is anything wrong at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and chewing out the regulators and Republicans who wanted more oversight. Watch the video and see how far off Nancy Pelosi is in blaming the Republicans and the free markets.

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