Tomorrow at 11AM Eastern: Bill Ayers gets the Chavista seal of approval

Via Babalu,

Background: Obama’s Real Bill Ayers Problem
The ex-Weatherman is now a radical educator with influence.

Ed Morrissey:

Note the Che picture in the background, too. It goes well with the mission of CIM, which is “to create critical thinking and raise consciousness to advance the idea of 21st Century Socialism,” according to the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, a British apologist group for Hugo Chavez and his regime. Bonilla Molina himself co-authored a history of the “Bolivarian Revolution” with Chavez’ personal aide, Hairman el-Troudi.
Ayers explains that America forced him to become a terrorist, and that leaving the terrorist life was a setback to him and the movement. That hardly sounds as if Ayers repents of his former life; in fact, he believes he made a mistake by leaving it. In other words, the “great teaching moment” wasn’t that political violence was wrong — it was that he should have kept it going.

In the meantime, The Chicago Annenberg Challenge files are still under lock and key.

Jeremayakovka points out that The “translator” is his adopted son, Chesa Boudin – son of Kathy Boudin, Rhodes Scholar, committed Chavista.
Pamela has more on Obamedia: Bias, liars, and Ayers, along with the 7th Time Mag cover this year.

I’ll be talking about this in tomorrow’s podcast at 11AM Eastern. Chat will be open at 11AM, and the call in number is 646 652-2639. Join us!

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Obama: John McCain doesn’t know what he’s up against


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