Palin’s shoes, and firing guns

CORRECTION: I just heard from the store who sold her the shoes!
You can read about it here

Larwyn has broken her silence to point to Sarah’s shoes, which Allahpundit posted:

Red shoes for the acceptance speech. Perfect.

As a public service, a quick search through yielded the Apepazza Musa – how appropriate:

As you may recall, McCain wears Ferragamos.

Well golly gee! Travis & Jonathan clutch their guns and their rifles:

Speaking of guns, the first unofficial McCain/Palin ad, via Lucianne, brings out the gun:

Flopping Aces takes aim at Palin’s Trooper’Gate: Beating MSM distortions to the truth. The WaPo refers to Monegan as ” a respected former chief of the Anchorage Police Department,” while Flopping Aces points out that Monegan fired for budget, recruiting and enforcement performance. The WaPo ends by saying

The allegation against Palin, “undercuts one of the points they are making that she is an ethical reformer,” said Democratic state Sen. Hollis French, who is managing a $100,000 investigation into the firing of Walter Monegan.

Let’s see:
1. Running on a clean-government campaign in 2006, Palin upset then-Governor Murkowski in the Republican gubernatorial primary.
2. Ending the bridge to nowhere and the gubernatorial private jet.
vs firing Monegan, her appointee.

Weigh that against Ayers, Rezko And the Iraqi Billionaire, if you are all for hope and change.

Sarah Palin makes Chuck Norris tremble, at Palin facts:

Sarah Palin poses more danger of creating world-destroying black holes than the Large Hadron Collidor.

Sarah Palin makes Andrew Sullivan regret some key life choices.

Sarah Palin will give birth to the man who will lead humanity’s war against the machines.

Sarah Palin knows how old the Chinese gymnasts are.

Sarah Palin wears glasses lest her uncontrollable optic blasts slaughter everyone.

Sarah Palin’s presence in the lower 48 means the Arctic ice cap can finally return.

More, much more where that came from.

Methinks the Dems will suffer from a lot of Palin envy…

Bikers and Barbarians for Sarah Palin, via the Baron.
A word about style

Update 2


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29 Responses to “Palin’s shoes, and firing guns”

  1. Gawd, I LOVE This Woman | American Princess Says:

    [...] And the best part is, this moose-hunting, snowmobile racing, did-it-all-herself mama does it all in fabulous shoes. [...]

  2. Says:

    Not your usual moose-stompers…

    You might have seen this post yesterday, which drew a comment from Lynn: “Since you’ve got such a thing for heels I’m sure you’re quite excited about McCain’s VP pick.” And she included a link to a pertinent photo, which……

  3. Francis W. Porretto Says:

    Sarah Palin routinely goes ice fishing in a bikini and high heels, to remind other Alaskans of the glory that will one day be theirs. But there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that she fishes with hand grenades. Hand grenades, Palin says, are for wimps. Nuclear weapons or NOTHING!

  4. DON SURBER Says:

    She taps those heels, she’s back in Wasilla

  5. Denny Says:

    My friend Cindy told me there were people ragging on Palin for her choice of shoes. I immediately had to come to my favorite Shoe Person on the web to find out your opinion. “Perfect”. Awesome!

  6. 11B40 Says:


    “Well golly gee! Travis & Jonathan clutch their guns and their rifles:”

    I don’t know if you were/are aware of it, but, back in my army days in the late ’60s, there was a barracks ditty that went:

    This is my rifle, this is my gun;
    One is for shooting, the other’s for fun.

  7. Telethon Convention & More | The Anchoress Says:

    [...] too loved the shoes. They look comfy, [...]

  8. pianogirl88 Says:

    If the shoe fits, buy it in every color! I never understood Imelda Marcos having 500 black bras, but those 3,000 pairs of shoes made a LOT of sense to me!

  9. Palin: Bad Mother, Bad Woman | The Anchoress Says:

    [...] does not need my help addressing the feminists; she can easily pivot in those great shoes, but I’ll help, anyway. There are press releases that spout how great it is that Palin was [...]

  10. The Wide Awake Cafe » John McCain, Sarah Palin and Christmas in August Says:

    [...] her own in any situation, still another gift reveals that Palin has quite a fashion sense in her choice of shoes. Under this twinkly Christmas-in-August tree we see an athlete who takes on snow sports with gusto [...]

  11. Phillep Says:

    She probably had to be reminded that red rubber boots were not acceptable attire in the lower 48.

    Alaska is probably the only place where people normally wear Extra Tuffs with tuxedos and to proms.

  12. Patterico’s Pontifications » Palin Images Says:

    [...] has great shoes, [...]

  13. Genny Says:

    Love the shoes – now that’s an issue women really care about!!!!

  14. Tony Frisco Says:

    I give this woman credit; she is an over-achiever just like Barack Obama. And, the fact that she wears heels and skirts just proves that she is comfortable being a woman (unlike Hillary Clinton and her lezzie-bull-dyke pantsuits that she ALWAYS wore.

  15. ammy Says:

    the shoes people were commenting on were the 6 inch stripper heels she was wearing in a photo. do a search for it on google, you’ll be surprised.

  16. Steve Pendergraft Says:

    These are naughty monkey pumps she is wearing not the brand mentioned…just look at the buckle placement.

    she purchased these shoes at shoe fly alaska..

    I have attached link,B0016BUYUS,B000R96X28,B00104J2OU,B0010ZGZRQ,B0011N1I4M,B0018B7RE2,B0018AHFLI,B0018B7RBU,B0018ABI4S,B0018AGTQ0,B0018AOH7I,B0018AGIXY,B0010ZBKOY,B0018AJX2W,B0011MQW80,B0016BUYOY,B000R9424Y,B0018BAG2W,B0018AGTAG,B0012GUQDW,B0018APUD8,B0015Y5L5O,B0012GWPTU,B0018AGPPK,B0011MY5VG,B0018AGT0Q,B0018AX1KW,B0018ATNZO,B0018ANJYK,B0018AGLPE,B0018A9GGK,B0018AKWD6,B0015Y7RTM,B0011MQWQC,B0018A97DM,B0018AD0OE,B0018AOOAI,B0018AGM5S,B0011N1B5S

  17. jan Says:

    cute shoes, will try to get some just like that

  18. Amused Cynic » Blog Archive » Somethin’s Happening Here….the Sarah Palin “Style Notebook”… Says:

    [...] shooting caribou and having babies and taking them to hockey practice.” And then, there are those shoes, coveted by lady bloggers the world over. Which reminds me of the MSM’s current theme song, [...]

  19. sports apparel Says:

    I recently had a chance to try heel straps, and I have to tell you – these are truly awesome! I got the clear ones, along with black, and knew the moment I slipped them on I loved them. We can’t wear Mary Janes all the time, and slides/mules are challenging on stairs. I’ve even made passed on shoes I really liked thinking “…too bad it doesn’t have some kind of strap at the top”. No longer a worry!

  20. » Not your usual moose-stompers Says:

    [...] included a link to a pertinent photo, which I have duly reproduced here: As a public service, Fausta has researched the footwear in question, and has identified the shoe as Musa by Apepazza, a peep-toe pump with a big buckle up front, a [...]

  21. carol44 Says:

    I saw these shoes on and ordered them today, i’m so excited.

  22. dan Says:

    my bought a pair for my mom for B-day

  23. Pajamas Media » Why Small-Town Folks Heart Sarah Palin Says:

    [...] come election day how the heck an aging and mostly liberal Republican and a hockey mom wearing $89 shoes stomped all over a chardonnay-sipping opportunistic [...]

  24. Fausta’s Blog » Blog Archive » “I vote for Naughty Monkey!” Says:

    [...] of this blog know I’ve been on the Palin shoe beat from the get-go: Red shoes to go! The Ferragamo ticket The right Palin shoes. Will continue to cover the story as [...]

  25. Fausta’s Blog » Blog Archive » The right Palin shoes! Says:

    [...] The other day I posted about Sarah Palin’s shoes, [...]

  26. Fausta’s Blog » Blog Archive » Red shoes to go! Says:

    [...] Following the Palin shoes: The Ferragamo ticket? The right Palin shoes Palin’s shoes, and firing guns [...]

  27. » On the Sarah’s Shoes beat Says:

    [...] month I, with help from Fausta, misidentified those infamous peep-toe pumps of Governor Palin’s as Apepazza’s Musa. [...]

  28. jinbo Says:

    I like The red shoes!!up !!

  29. Erica Asahan Says:

    Hi…I would like to correct this post. This shoes are actually by Naughty Monkey not Apepazza. I do have a picture but I don’t know how to post photo on here.