Palin, McCain’s VP choice!!! HOORAY!!

We talked about it in today’s podcast
Post updated througout the day.

Caught on live audio: The media sexist insults begin
Via BSC Beth,

Perfect, it’s Palin ….. [Obama] “young and inexperienced” … now that’s rich
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I had the honor of being a panelist in Jazz Shaw‘s podcast along with Lady Logician, Joe Gandleman and Ed Morrissey.

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3:15PM The Cotillion supports Palin:

Right Pundits
Conservative Belle
Jane, posting at Jawa
Blue Star Chronicles and Alabama Improper continue The Cotillion roundup. Check it out.

Wall Street Journal

Gov. Palin, 44 years old, thus became the first woman named to a spot on a Republican ticket, and only the second woman to run on a major party ticket. “I am honored,” she said as she stood by a beaming Sen. McCain in her first few seconds in the national spotlight. (See an in-depth profile of Palin.)

She called herself an “average hockey mom,” and introduced her husband, Todd, and spoke of her five children. That includes her oldest son, Track, who is about to deploy to Iraq. “Todd and I are so proud of him and all the fine men and women serving this country in uniform,” she said. The crowd replied with chants of, “USA! USA!”

She also noted her efforts to fight corruption and highlighted her opposition to a much-derided congressional earmark for her state that Sen. McCain loves to hate as well. “I told Congress ‘thanks but no thanks’ on that bridge to nowhere,” she said. Gov. Palin also took on her state’s political establishment that had been rocked by an FBI corruption investigation.


Campaigning for governor, she described herself as a “conservative Republican, a firm believer in free-market capitalism” and “a lifelong Alaskan who grew up hunting and fishing.”

Earlier today:

Welcome to the party, PUMAs!

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Is McCain’s VP Pick

Emily‘s excited.

More from Ed and James.

Wikipedia bio. Conservapedia bio.


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22 Responses to “Palin, McCain’s VP choice!!! HOORAY!!”

  1. Obi's Sister Says:

    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

    This is a brilliant move on the Republican side. Now let’s watch the left whine and complain…

    Heehee – made my day!

  2. beth Says:


    I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Its Sarah Palin!!!! « Obi’s Sister Says:

    [...] August 29, 2008 at 9:57 am (America 101, Election2008, Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, Politics, Stop Obama) Several large networks now confirming…McCain’s VP pick is Alaska governor Sarah Palin! (h/t Fausta) [...]

  4. expat Says:

    On experience: Barack Obama voted present. Sarah Palin stopped the bridge to nowhere.

  5. WriterGirl Says:

    This is a shrewd pick to be sure, but I wouldn’t count too heavily on the PUMAs if I were you. Speaking as one, I can tell you that policy is important. And it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to vote for a woman who tauts an agenda that is clearly lacking pro-woman policy. Women aren’t dogs that chase bones. Or ovaries, if you want to be precise.

    Kudos to McCain for shoring up the evangelical vote. But he just lost the Hillary voters. BIG time.

  6. Tj Says:

    who is the McCain campaign fooling? This woman stands for nothing that Hillary stands for. The only thing they have in common is that they are both women. I will not let her take Hillary’s historic shine away. I am voting for Obama.

  7. zoey Says:

    i’m doing the happy dance!

  8. Pat Patterson Says:

    I though Tj was referring to Hillary’s shrine. But I expect that the acolytes even at this time are preparing a candlelight vigil to mourn over the end of the media attention.

  9. Fausta Says:

    One question to ponder:
    What is a pro-woman policy?

    Lip service to equal rights, or actual deeds?

  10. newton Says:

    Gov. Palin has shown in spades that she can deliver everything the women’s movement had promised, without losing her head, her heart… or even her soul. (Watch her five kids.)

    She is more “pro-woman” than any of those Hillary supporters… combined.

  11. artymart Says:

    McCain’s choice a complete insult to women……so he thinks the Clinton supporters will flock to support him for choosing a woman – any woman – doesn’t mateer which. Does he really have that low an opinion of women – I can’t see any other explanation for the choice.

    Go ahead girls – line up just like Grandpa expects…..72 years old with a history of cancer and he chooses a complete lightweight as his back-up.

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

  12. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    Blogging Women Support McCain – Palin 2008…

    The Cotillion is an online community of conservative women bloggers. We’ve been around the blogging world for a long time. We have having fun making McCain – Palin 2008 buttons this afternoon and are throwing our support behind the McCain – Palin…

  13. 18 Million Cracks Shattered at Alabama Improper Says:

    [...] Fausta is excited and has done a round-up! [...]

  14. WhoStruckJohn Says:

    I was hoping that McCain would pick Palin, and I’m ecstatic that he did. A Western governor, a reformer, and a person with a wide range of experience as something _other_ than a politician. I could wish she’d had more time as governor first, but there are no perfect picks.

    McCain seems to have remembered something important from his military experience: Fortune Favors The Bold.

  15. Obama, McCain, Palin & generosity | The Anchoress Says:

    [...] Fausta has more. [...]

  16. Pat Patterson Says:

    Hey, I just realized we now truly have our own version of [url=]Yulia Tymoshenko[/url]. Now if we can just convince Gov. Palin to wear her hair in a tight braid then Sen. Biden is doomed to a mere ghostlike presence.

  17. Pat Patterson Says:

    Now we have our own version of Yulia Tymoshenko. If we can just convince her to wear her hair in tight braids then Sen. Biden just may end up the main course instead of moose. Though I did hear a rumor that Bullwinkle is definitely not endorsing her.

  18. Pat Patterson Says:

    This is great now we have our own version of Yulia Tymoshenko. Now if we can just convince Gov. Palin to wear tight braids then Sen. Biden will end up as the main course and not Bullwinkle.

  19. Pat Patterson Says:

    I thought my comments had disappeared not just held in limbo. Sorry!

  20. Celia Says:

    I know that the reasoning behind picking Palin as the Vp choice was to get some of the Hillary voters. Any true Hillary supporter would not like this woman. they have polar opposite views. I am sure that the less intelectual Hillary supporters will like her just for being a female. This move might seem smart on the surface but in all honesty , it’s not. The republican party has been trying to say that Obama does not have enough expierence (let me just say…Bush had “expierence” but obviously that didn’t work.. this proves that expierence is meaningless… Bill Clinton did not have too much expierience..) but talk about contradicting one’s self…A governor of Alaska?? o wow how many people live there? she has been in politics for 2 years. On top of all of this, if she had made any impact on our nation previous to this; if she had made any great decisions, then why has nobody heard of her??

    Listen reader, I am only 17 years old and even I am not stupid enough to applaud this choice.

  21. Pat Patterson Says:

    Then perhaps a quick math refresher course. Gov. Palin has been in the governor’s office for two years. She has served as public official for another eleven. And Alaska is a mere 100,000 less in population as Delaware and is the biggest state in the Union. She has served since December of 2006 a mere 11 months less than Sen. Obama who has essentially been campaigning since 2004. Two-edged sword this experience thingy.

  22. Bill Frey Says:

    Check out