Obama talking to Raul Castro?

Humberto Fontova, writing at WND, asks Is Obama talking secretly with Raul Castro?

“As I left Havana earlier this month,” writes Dr. Rens Lee, senior fellow at Philadelphia’s prestigious Foreign Policy Research Institute, “Cuba was eagerly awaiting the United States’ November presidential elections. The buzz around the capital, reportedly from a highly placed source, was that Barack Obama has already talked to Raul Castro by phone.”

(Note: I notified the Obama campaign of these claims and asked for a response or clarification. It has not responded.)

Dr. Rens Lee explains that the buzz was reported by both highly placed Cuban officials and by an experienced Western diplomat posted in Havana. Lee also cautions against an outside chance that the report is simply wishful thinking from Cuban officials based on Obama’s Castro-friendly campaign promises.

I lean more towards the wishful thinking theory, too.


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3 Responses to “Obama talking to Raul Castro?”

  1. Pat Patterson Says:

    The latter for me as well. Sen. Obama’s instinct might want him to begin backstage talks and even some of the more loosely hinged of his advisors but not this close to the election when everything is still up in the air.

  2. Carlos Echevarria Says:

    I doubt B. Hussein Obama was actually on the line, but Mr. Restrepo his LA foreign policy advisor is on record as saying he will talk to & meet directly with both Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez.

    Obama is an admirer of Che Guevara and was inspired by Frank Marshall Davis, an American American communist who lived in Hawaii, amongst others…

  3. Pat Patterson Says:

    O/T-That name, Frank Marshall Davis, kept reminding me of something but I couldn’t quite place it. Then I remembered that when I was in graduate school the director of a John Wayne film Big Jim McClain(a HUAC investigator) was on a Hollywood Blacklist panel with, if my notes were correct, included Edward Ludwig, Dalton Trumbo, Elia Kazan(who neither Trumbo or Lardner would either speak to or look at all day), Ring Lardner Jr. and a retired FBI agent.

    The film came up and the director, Edward Ludwig himself a Russian exile, defended his depiction of communist agitation in Hawaii but also noted that the original script called for the bad guy to be black and modeled after Frank Marshall Davis. And that one scene had Wayne’s character talking to the character drawn on Davis, Napier, outside a dock while passing out leaflets. Supposedly this originally had Napier talk about how much he dislike Americans and how much better off they would be if there was a communist government.

    Wayne and the FBI agent who was consulting on the film decided to meet with Davis for lunch and found that even though he was an adamant communist Davis was almost the same age as Wayne, was a fan and his upbringing in Midwest was completely different from Wayne’s simply because he was black Davis and that didn’t lessen until he moved to Hawaii. Wayne returned to the set and asked that the character be more broadly stereotypical and that the character not be black.

    The FBI agent also maintained, without any documentation, that Wayne contacted Davis after the Red Scare abated just to see how he was doing. So this proves that all those old college notes that are hopefully not home to mice or covered in cat feces are still valuable decades later.