McCain had CAKE on his birthday. Cake, I tell you!

Maria sent this, a particularly pungent sample of the level of discourse at MSNBC. Michael Moore & Olbermann are shocked, SHOCKED! that McCain was insensitive enough to eat cake while Katrina was hitting New Orleans.

Not that Moore is insensitive, nooo sireee… he won’t eat cake while the storm he wishes would come to New Orleans gets there. He just calls Gustaf ‘Proof There is a God in Heaven’ because he hopes Gustaf will hit NOLA during the RNC.

Your god is not my God, Michael.


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6 Responses to “McCain had CAKE on his birthday. Cake, I tell you!”

  1. K Says:

    Can someone please introduce Michael Moore to a shower, a shave, and maybe even a hairbrush?

    Olbermann…just a nasty man!

  2. Anthony (Los Angeles) Says:

    Do the Democrats really want a fat slob like Moore speaking for them? Ew!

  3. expat Says:

    I assume Olbermann fasted as Katrina raged, offering his sacrifice for the poor victims.

    MM’s book is coming out soon in Germany. He knows where his audience is.

  4. Pat Patterson Says:

    Mr. Moore is upset because he thought he had managed to eat all the birthday cakes and was nonplussed to find out one had escaped! Umm, cake!

  5. newton Says:

    Remember the dressing down McCain gave to Moore during the 2004 RNC speech? It was a put-down for the ages.

    Obviously, Moore is still bleeding at the nose from it!

    Hee, hee, hee!

  6. Tony Frisco Says:

    I am a lifelong Democrat and I want absolutely nothing to do with Michael Moore. Shame on him for suggesting that a hurricane that is headed for New Orleans is a “God send”. What a total idiot!