Georgia burns while Nancy fiddles

Shamelessly stolen from Flopping Aces (click on cartoon for larger version),

Via Don’t go twitterfeed, a twitter points out that Russian jets targeted major oil pipeline: Georgia.

Roger Kimball (emphasis added):

When Russian tanks and troops poured into the separatist Georgian province of South Ossetia yesterday, it was not, as Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said, part of a “peacekeeping mission.” It was part of an imperialist mission whose undeclared goal is to reabsorb the whole of Georgia–West-leaning Georgia with its critical oil pipeline supplying energy to an increasingly thirsty Europe–into mother Russia.

Indeed, that pipeline is the unacknowledged key to the drama–unacknowledged, anyway, by the belligerents. As an AP story notes, the “U.S.-backed oil pipeline runs through Georgia, allowing the West to reduce its reliance on Middle Eastern oil while bypassing Russia and Iran.” A good thing for the West; but is such autonomy something Russia (or, for that matter, Iran) wants to encourage? Indeed, as I write, Reuters has issued an unconfirmed report that earlier today Russia attacked not only targets in South Ossetia but also targeted “the major Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline.”

The Dems are asleep at the energy wheel. Energy policy is a matter of national security. Dependence on foreign oil puts us, at the very least, at the mercy of volatile markets and international conflicts.

While the Democrat congress is away on vacation, what is their candidate saying? Meaningless statements, that’s what:

McCain has strongly and unequivocally come out in support of our ally Georgia, while placing the onus for the war squarely where it belongs, on Russia. In this, he has aligned himself with our most loyal European allies. Obama, on the other hand, issued the sort of vapid statement that would ingratiate him with the State Department while not requiring any distraction from his Hawaii vacation. An interesting point, by the way: McCain is supposed to be the old guy, but Obama is the one who needs a vacation.

It is often said that Obama is not ready to be President, but I don’t think this is exactly right. It seems pretty obvious that Obama, given his temperament, his self-regard, his blithe ignorance of history and of the material conditions of life on this planet, will never be ready to be President. He is not unready: he is unsuited for, and inadequate to, the office.

And so are the vacational Congresspeople.

[Don’t come bellyaching to tell me vacational is not a word. I just made it a word.]


To recap: John McCain forthrightly condemns Russia’s behavior and demands that Russia withdraw unconditionally. Obama wants to turn the mess over to the UN.

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6 Responses to “Georgia burns while Nancy fiddles”

  1. foutsc Says:

    While the world criticizes President Bush for trying to save it, Vlad and his protege get on with their grim work.

    Russia is the brutish thug in a vodka stained wifebeater grabbing his woman by the hair and dragging her back in the house because she dared talk to the mailman. Russia is the hairy ape that tells his woman, “If you try to leave me I’ll kill you.”

    You focused in on the most important point: Russia bombed the pipeline that competes with their energy supply into Europe.

    Way to cut to the chase, Fausta!

    I have an essay on the current crisis if anyone is interested:

  2. Fausta Says:

    Thanks – I added the link to my post and sent you a trackback.

  3. Public Secrets: from the files of the Irishspy Says:

    The Russians never change…

    Whether ruled by Tsars, Communists, or “democrats,” Russia has been and is an aggressive, imperialist power all-too willing to bully those around it. Take the Republic of Georgia, for example. A former territory of the Russian Empire and the late,…

  4. Mr. Bingley Says:

    But Barack said “War is baaad, mm’kay?”

    So I’m sure it will cease immediately.

  5. FreedomRules Says:

    You present instigating
    Georgia began war with Southern Osetian and what to justify the offence is covered with the
    absurd tergiversations accusing Russia!

    The Georgian soldiers in an emphasis(stop) shoot the nonpredatory inhabitants !

    Eight settlements Southern Osetian are deleted from off the face of the Earth. Their advocates have perished as a
    result of raid of the Georgian aircraft. The battle(dashing) airplanes of the Georgian army have plotted bombing
    strikes on houses of the nonpredatory inhabitants Southern Osetian !

  6. Pat Patterson Says:

    I hate Google translations! And it is interesting the the 58th Army and all its equipment and supply lines secure just happened to be sitting on the Russian/Georgian border twiddling their thumbs. Tourist no doubt. I have noticed a lessening of the muddled propaganda being deposited on any web site that mentions Georgia. Especially now that it is obvious that the intent is simply to not only secure the South Ossetia border but to simply dismember a state that Russia had signed an agreement with in 1992 to respect those borders.