The Presidents’ Day Edition of the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Welcome to the Presidents’ Day Edition of the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Today’s big news: Venezuela seizes 1/2 ton milk and chicken from clinic, thereby showing how price controls don’t work and encourage hoarding and black markets, and continuing Hugo’s fight against private health care. The news was listed under the “Oddly Enough” category but when it comes to Venezuela, it’s never oddly enough: after nationalizing the oil industry, Chavez is threatening to create a tax on windfall oil profits.

As I said, it’s never oddly enough when it comes to Hugo.

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Investor’s Business Daily editorials on Latin America and Caribbean are a must-read.

Via Instapundit, Why does Obama hate NAFTA?

Party time: Nelson Kirchner tries to rule Peronism

The squid and the whales

Christ statue struck by lightning

Chile to continue working with Peru despite border dispute

Felipe Aguilar puts Chile on golfing map

War of the roses

“Main Stream Media

Cuba demands US gives back Guantanamo Bay

Cuba to send 4 jailed dissidents into exile

Via the Cuba Archive, Crosses honor Castro’s foes

Too close to the truth!

Old dirt that’s new news to me: Castro, Clinton, Cabrera, Mannerud

Cuban Memorial

Where’s the youth?

Dominica, PetroCaribe, and Chavez

ALLIANCE for Progress only Boosts State Kleptocrats and Marxists

The Mexican President Visits America

Barak Obama and Change

Tom Tancredo’s letter to Felipe Calderon

Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission: Big, expensive and weirdly spineless

Blast near Mexico City police HQ

Mexico arrests top drugs suspect

Nicaraguan leader calls Obama’s campaign ‘revolutionary’

Obama gets another endorsement

Hope is like bottled water

Peru’s hotel industry: Killing the tourism goose

Via Instapundit, P.R. Firm: San Juan For The Money, Two For The Show

Crude Chavez

The unanimity against Tascon: Stalinism in Venezuela

Two posts I missed last week: On SEMANA’s Expose of “Chavez’s own Montesinos”: War by ALL Other Means?, and On Iran’s Increasing Influence in Latin America

George Washington Statue Bombed in Caracas

CBS’s Rodriguez Asks Chavez’s Ex-Wife: ‘Is He a Communist?’ and Marisabel on CBS. Too bad Rodriguez doesn’t read my blog or he would have known that Chavez officially declared himself a Communist a year ago.

Valentine’s Day in Caracas

Venezuela’s Charades

US shrugs off Chavez threat over oil
Your word for the day, Mister Chavez, is ‘Fungible’
Paper tiger

In Spanish: Violaron el blog de Alexis Marrero. Lo amenazan de muerte Blogger Alexis Marrero gets death threats while his blog is hacked.

Reaction and revolution: Students are the revolution

An introduction to a lie

Two of my posts, Obama wants to talk to Chavez and in the podcast (you can listen to the podcast here).

Meet the low-budget movie star

And a beautiful rendition of Vete de mi


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2 Responses to “The Presidents’ Day Edition of the Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean”

  1. Gringo Says:

    Re Obama’s wanting to talk to Hugo: if Obama had ANY idea about Hugo, he would have rephrased it: Obama wants to LISTEN to Hugo. Hugo and two-way conversations: the classic definition of oxymoron.

  2. Fausta Says:

    You’re exactly right, Gringo. Anyone who’s listened to one of Hugo’s cadenas would have realized that. Unfortunately Obama hasn’t.