In today’s podcast at 11AM Eastern: Moral equivalence and misguided public and foreign policy

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As I mentioned yesterday, in yesterday’s podcast with Hannes Artens Siggy raised a number of issues which he further developed in his post, The Time To Unload Is Upon Us.

Today Yaacov Ben Moshe’s post, Our Choice – Live in Incorrectness or Die Correct, brings up the issue of noxious multiculturalism and political correctnes:

We actually have become so polite about it that we feel that discussing those things that make Western Civilization better than (or preferable to) other cultures (let alone the measures that might be necessary to defend the west) in public constitute some kind of “bad form”. We even have whole sets of words and ideas that we refuse to use because they sound too harsh, too male dominated, too power oriented, too insensitive or judgmental. This is what is called Political Correctness and if we could put a good coach in charge, a geopolitical Belichik or an American Solzhenitsyn, he would put a stop to it before another game went by.

Political Correctness is Unilateral Cultural Disarmament.

You must read the whole essay and ponder the questions it raises, because they are the issues of our times.

Today at 11AM Eastern, Siggy’s back, and he’ll be discussing moral equivalence and misguided public and foreign policy. I have invited other Blog Talk Radio hosts to join us, and hope you will, too. The call-in number is (646) 652-2639; chat will be open by 10:45.

See you then!


We were joined by Jazz Shaw of Middle Earth Journal, Michael van der Galien of PoliGazette, Shane Borgess of Political Vindication, and BTR regular Wild Phil. It was a most interesting podcast, as we all have rather different (and at times, opposite) views. I invite you to listen to the podcast and leave a comment about it.

Next Friday at 11AM Eastern our guest will be Happy Catholic for a 1/2 hour show about food.

Tuesday next week, January 29, tune in for another one-hour roundtable discussion on the week’s issues.

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