Last night on Blog Talk Radio: Pharma and Debate

Last night I joined the guys at Heading Right who liveblogged the CNN/YouTube debate.

I had to break at 9PM for my prescheduled podcast on the pharmaceutical industry. I will post later about what my two guests, Siggy and Dr. Sanity (who called in with questions) had to say about the subject.

After my podcast I went back to listening to the debate. At 10:30PM Ed Morrissey hosted a post-debate wrap-up at Debate Central. Rick Moran of Right Wing Nuthouse, Uncle Seth from Political Vindication and Jim of bRight and Early and I discussed the debate with Ed, who hosted both the Debate Central podcast and the liveblogging at Heading Right. Overall it was a good debate, and it was a pleasure to have been invited.

Listen to the podcasts. You will enjoy them.

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