Welcome to the first Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Today’s top Latin American news is that Argentina’s first lady, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, is now its president.
Here’s the BBC video report

The campaign has been colorful, to put it mildly, between those auctioning their votes on line to that suitcase with $800,000 that Chavez (allegedly) sent the Kirchners last August

Argentina To Elect New Evita – Or Is It Hillary?

From The Heritage Foundation: Argentina: Implications for the U.S. If First Lady Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner Becomes President. One thing for sure: expect more populism.

This week’s Spanish-language roundup: Martha Colmenares’s roundup on the Argentinian elections


Road Rage in the Bahamas

The women’s civic committee of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, shows how the police have tried to repress protestors. Bolivia Confidencial posts their video here (Such is Evo’s repression) in Spanish.

Learn To Surf In Floripa

Subjective Lens photoblog Chile

Leonard Weinglass’ seditious activism on the Cuba 5

Cuba, Bush, and The Lives of Others

El che lives at the UN

ECrisis posts on International terrorist rings in Spain and Latin America, and links to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps

Also at ECrisis, Banco del Sur is a Slush Fund for Sponsors of Terror, Drug Running, Criminals, Mafias, Racketeers and Propagandists

The Rehabilitation of Miguel Hidalgo

AfroMexico – Mexicans of African descent (via Mexico in English)

Anything but no, when it comes to travelling with the dog.

Ortega’s Nicaragua: Another Tropical, Socialist Paradise?

Alvaro Vargas Llosa on Fujimori’s Shadow

La Casa’s Leticia Rodriguez Continues Legacy

The Venezuelan bloggers are doing a line-by-line review of Chavez’s proposed constitutional reforms. You can read it all here: Venezuela’s Constitutional Reform.
Veneuela-USA looks at
Constitutional reform – Article 100

Alive and blood thirsty (comments on the Che influence over chavismo)

Another shameful day in Venezuela’s democracy

The hunt for the liter of milk

Chavez is Adored by His Subjects – NOT!

The dope from Venezuela

The Prophetic Scent of repression.

The Human Rights Foundation: Artists Reunite for Human Rights in Latin America; Concert Tour in New York to Stress the Plight of the Caracas Nine

The Venezuela Connection: exhibit F, as a Royal Navy warship seizes 3 tons of cocaine from Venezuelan vessel
More at the Royal Navy website.

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Don’t miss also the resources at the Hispanic Center for Economic Research for more information on Latin America.


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