The endless debates, Celebrity Hostage Draft, and today’s items

The WaPo and the NYT are discussing the finessing of the cut-and-run party.

Which means they’re discussing how they’ll cut-and-run.

Anyway, Steven Green did a better job at PJM on the debate than any of the newspapers.

This morning they were showing on TV a clip of Edwards’s referring to Hillary’s cover on Fortune Mag, saying something to the effect that he’ll never be the cover boy for big business:

Plweeze. As if he’s such a man of the people.

But that aside, had I been Hillary, after hearing that remark I’d have turned right around and told him that at least I won’t be the Esquire cover girl for the sexiest woman alive:

I don’t know about you all, but these so-called “debates” just grate. I don’t care if it’s the Democrats, the Republicans, or what. Besides, they’re round-robin press conferences, not debates.

More on the compassionate misanthrope, via Jeremayakovka


After Mia Farrow volunteered to take the place of a hostage, Doug Ross has First Annual Celebrity Hostage Draft! (h/t Larwyn).

Gustavo Coronel has A letter to Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez: On the subject of his oil handouts to Fidel Castro
You argue that the volumes of oil being given to Fidel Castro are “small”, as compared to the amounts Venezuela has supplied to the U.S. for “one hundred years”, in occasions “a gift”. Let me tell you that Venezuela has never given away its oil as you do today. It always obtained money for its exports. The money coming from oil has often been wasted by governments, but never in greater amounts than today, under your regime. The only Venezuelan president that has given oil at great subsidies to U.S. citizens is you, through a program of “oil for the poor” that already costs us over $100 million and targets U.S. communities that have an average income ten times higher than the average income of millions of Venezuelans. You do it for political propaganda, at the expense of our real national needs.


Too bad I’m a global warming skeptic, or I’d be taking on the ultimate global warming challenge . I could use $100,000.

Via Deb,
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Is Islam Compatible with Liberal Democracy?

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