MS-13 and the Newark murders

I have blogged in the past about the MS-13, a.k.a. the Mara Salvatrucha gang. Back in 2005 there was a huge nationwide crackdown leading to arrests of gang members around the country and here in NJ.

On Saturday August 4 four young people, including three students at Delaware State University, were shot in the head at close range in a school parking lot in Newark. Deshon Harvey, 20, Terrance “T.J.” Aeriel, 18, and Iofemi Hightower, 20, were killed that night. The surviving victim is helping police with the case.

Newark is a “sanctuary city”,

According to ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’, “Newark’s sanctuary policies protect illegal aliens, even those charged with commission of crimes.”

Jose Lachira Carranza, a 28 yr old illegal immigrant from Peru, has been charged with the murders. At the time of the murders Carranza was out on $150,000 bail in a child rape case of a girl who had been in his care since she was four years old.

According to the NY Times

An illegal immigrant from Peru, Jose Lachira Carranza, 28, possessed of a temper and a growing rap sheet, appears to have directed the group of a half-dozen or more — answered to like a boss. The group pulled off petty stickups in the elevators and parking lots of the sprawling Ivy Hill Park Apartments in the West Ward, according to interviews with relatives, friends and victims, who say the crew extorted people for quick cash, sometimes slipped through apartment doors cracked barely open by frightened residents.

Over the years, Mr. Carranza and Rodolfo Godinez, 24, who is Ms. Gomez’s other son, were each arrested at least twice on serious charges. But together they also carried off crimes under the radar, their victims say. On one occasion, they shook down Anglade Montel, a 33-year-old father of two babies, for $30, he said, adding that he was too terrified to ever call the police.

Godinez is an illegal alien from Nicaragua who had been ordered deported on May 5, 1993.

Newark’s police director goes through great pains to emphasize that

“At this point there is nothing in this case that indicates that this has to do with a gang angle, gang initiation, or gang violence,”

However, Dan Riehl (via Larwyn) has been looking at one of the suspects’ MySpace page, and the connection is clear. The suspect is a 15-yr old living in Morristown. At least one of the victims in the Aug. 4 attack in Newark was sliced with what the lone survivor told police was a machete, a “trademark” of the MS-13.

New Jersey is among the places where local authorities aren’t required to check the immigration status of someone arrested. Mike at Flopping Aces points out that Jon Corzine, the governor of NJ, announced a few days after the murders, that “we have a responsibility to look after the human rights and civil rights of each and every immigrant.” As Mike points out,

Corzine’s emphasis on “civil rights” which apparently shielded child raping mass murderers must have left mourners at the funerals of the victims somewhat hollow when they heard him say “These children deserved better.”

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  1. Sigmund, Carl and Alfred Says:


    Jersey City and other ‘Sanctuary’ cities, no matter how well intentioned, are learning that there are often unintended consequences to false piety.