Do the Debate

The Republican candidates don’t want to do a YouTube debate, and they should.

Apparently they mind that the Democrat YouTube “debate” was a circus, was infantile and doesn’t look Presidential. If they mind that, I wonder why they’re running. I mean, aren’t people still talking about the time Bill Clinton played the sax on Arsenio? Does anyone mention that Clinton can’t play the sax?

Here’s some advice (yes, I’m giving advice twice on one week) guys:

Do it.

When your rival goes on a beauty contest and gets a heck of a lot visibility and generates a storm over whether one candidate will talk without preconditions to every lunatic despot running amok, what you do is go out, make an even better beauty contest, and you outdo them every step of the way.

The Dems had theirs at the Citadel? You have yours at the Air Force Academy (no ofense intended to Citadel alumni reading this blog; it’s only a figure of speech) .
The Dems showed Hillary’s butt? You show Ron Paul’s shoes.
The Dems loved asinine questions? You point out the asininity AND come up with a smart answer.
The questions favor the left? You explain why you are right, and Right.
The Dems stack they questions they like? You stack the questions that are good.
The Dems think they’re edgy? You show you are gutsy.
The Dems had a snowman? You have Bozo.
The questions start with “why”, or “don’t you think”, in an acusatory tone? You reply in clear, well-thought-out answers where you shine.

Compete, outdo, outperform, and win.

Competition improves the product, folks, and you can outdo and outshine ’em. That’s why you’re running.

Or isn’t it?

It’s a question of putting on a good show.

Newsbusters, American Mind and Hit and Run have more on it.

Patrick Ruffini has the petition.


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One Response to “Do the Debate”

  1. A Jacksonian Says:

    Now *that* is an idea! Have a BEAUTY CONTEST for President!

    And singing competition!

    Swimsuit competition!

    A literacy test featuring the US Constitution!

    No, scratch that last, too difficult for the public to understand…

    But if one party does it, then, yes, BOTH should! Please! Maybe a rodeo contest!

    Bungee jumping while describing the limits of Executive power!

    Following Bear Grylls to the local 3 star restaurant and ‘roughing it’.

    How about taking on a sparring partern from Guantanamo Bay? That would be fun!

    Tightrope walking over the Grand Canyon! Anyone who can do that *deserves* to be President…

    Yes, we need more of such things… much, much more to demean those running for office, belittle the office itself, and show just how crude the American Public can get. Soon enough we will be in for gladitorial fights with intermissions for chariot races… yes, lets move the public discourse ever downwards to get ‘authentic’ with America and see if we are, truly, any better than the Romans were.

    Maybe a lumberjack contest!

    Cross-word puzzles with all the clues relating to American History!

    Ahhhhh… such endless frivolity!

    Anything but talk about the course of the Nation amongst all Nations and the support and upholding of liberty and joining with our friends and allies to defend it with us. Anything but *that*.