French elections: Sarko ahead WINS!

Updated with link to his victory speech. Scroll down


The official results have just been broadcast on French TV.

Bloomberg: French Vote for President as Sarkozy-Royal Race Ends

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CNN: Sarkozy wins French presidency
BBC: Sarkozy ‘wins French presidency’

Update, 5:50PM More at Instapundit; let’s hope the economic revolution does take place.
Initial Report Of Unrest In France; there were only slightly more car burnings last night than the night before the first round elections.
Sarko’s official website has been down since 11AM EDT, but here’s his Victory Speech

The French people have spoken and have chosen to make a break with the ideas, the customs and the behaviour of the past. I am thus going to restore the status of work, authority, standards, respect, merit. I am going to give the place of honour back to the nation and national identity. I am going to give back to the French people pride in France…

I want to issue an appeal to our American friends, to tell them that they can count on our friendship, which has been forged in the tragedies of history which we have faced together.

He then went on to get all mushy about global warming, but I’m gobsmacked to hear a French president elect actually say those words.

You can watch excerpts of his speech with translation here

Here’s Segolene Royal‘s speech.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s CV, via Gates of Vienna

8:40PM EDT Sarkozy goes to dinner. Bon appetit!

Follow-up post, Monday 7 May Sarko: What next?


1:50 PM EDT
Le Figaro says the results are official: Sarko won.
Huge rally on the Place de la Concorde being broadcast right now right here, along with more live coverage (in French). The Concorde, Tuileries and Madeleine metro stations are closed because of the rally.

Captain’s Quarters is also posting on the election.


1:40PM L’Ombre de l’Olivier posts that The Times of London calls it for Sarko, too.

AFP story.


Update, 1PM EDT: Whoah!
75.11% turnout at 5 pm
By 5 pm, 75.11 percent of France’s 44.5 million registered voters had casted their ballot, up from 73.87% in the April 22 first round and from 67.6% percent in the 2002 election, said the interior ministry.

Via No Pasaran, The Socialists say, Sarkozy president

(The next two links are in French)
Liberation reports that some districts had 86% turnout, and the podium for Sarko’s victory speech is being set up on the Place de la Concorde.

Liberation is not happy. Over at Le Monde, Sarkozy’s supporters do not doubt their success

30 Cars Burned. Riot Police on Alert. French Voter Turnout Gigantic


34.11% turnout at noon, the highest turnout in more than three decades:
By midday, 34.11 percent of France’s 44.5 million registered voters had casted their ballot, up from 31.21 percent in the April 22 first round and from 26.2 percent in the 2002 election, said the interior ministry.

No Pasaran is also on the election beat.

More later.
(I’m hoping Daniel will post on it, too.)


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France2 livefeed will start at 18:45 (12:45 EDT) Paris time, with results starting at 20:00hrs (4PM EDT).

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  1. dirty dingus Says:

    As I report Fausta Says:

    Thanks! I added your link above just now.

  2. Sigmund, Carl and Alfred Says:

    Expect allegations of Bush/Rove and RNC oversight of Sarkozy voter fraud efforts to surface shortly.

  3. Fausta Says:

    I don’t know about Rove, but that’s a possibility – hahahah!

  4. Incognito Says:

    Thank God the French made the “right” choice. Let’s hope we do the same thing in the U.S. in 2008!