Did you listen yet? and today’s items

I’ll post more about Venezuela later today, but here’s the morning round-up:

Did you listen yet?
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Last Monday my guests were Dymphna and Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna and Siggy co-hosted. Listen to a most enjoyable podcast, and tell your friends. If you listened already, go back and listen again.

Soldier’s Family Needs Immediate Help

Victor Davis Hanson writes about The Global Immigration Problem

The moment illegal immigrants arrive, a sort of race begins: Can these newcomers become legal, speak the host language and get educated before they age, get hurt or lose their job? If so, then they assimilate and their children are held up as models of diversity. If not, the end of the story can be welfare or jail.

Governments in countries such as Mexico and Morocco usually care far more about their emigrants once they are long gone. Then these poor are no longer volatile proof of their own failures, but victims of some wealthy foreign government’s indifference. And these pawns usually send cash home.

Don’t miss also The Legal Visa Crunch: The Senate bill is worse than current law for skilled immigrants.

And Now…British Academia

Investor’s Business Daily continues its series on Jimmy Carter, Friend of dictators

Via Red State, Sen. Byrd: “Allowing the public to actually see earmark requests…isn’t a good idea”

We beat global warming, and “Al’s the guy!”

Via Larwin, Ace posts that Jon Corzine didn’t think of wearing a seat belt, and zoomed down the turnpike going 90 miles an hour, but he’s going to keep you from getting fat. Maybe Corzine should call Michael Moore for diet tips.

Mitt gets heckled in New Hampshire for being a Mormon. Harry Reid better stay away.

Also from Ace, some fool at Newsweek thinks wussy men are hot. Where is Pullo when we need him?
Here’s a short list of other non-wussies. And the ever-popular Swiss.

Speaking of wusses, Betsy has The humbug that is John Edwards, who, by the way, may have some trouble getting some of the treasure money as Spain sues over shipwreck bonanza

Harry Potter theme park planned in Orlando. It’ll take real magic to duplicate the terrain and the weather, for sure.

And last, but not least, The Studied Linguist (a poem)

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  1. Jungle Mom Says:

    Thanks for the podcast! And for covering Hugoslavia!

  2. Fausta Says:

    Glad you liked the podcast. And Hugoslavia is the perfect term!