The Democratic National Committee’s comparison of George W. Bush with Bull Connor, yet another dumb move
Just read this at The Anchoress

at the time of the police dogs and firehose incidents, CONNOR WAS A MEMBER OF THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE. He was the single Democratic National Committeeman from Alabama.

In the meantime, Chuck “Where’s the TV camera” Schumer’s illegaly procured a credit report.

On the republican side, Delay’s been indicted by a prosecutor that Offered “Dollars for Dismissals”. The WSJ points out,

Our disagreement with the Majority Leader is that, as the GOP cemented itself in power, he let incumbency become more important than the principles that elected him in the first place.

Mr. DeLay browbeat his colleagues–and kept the vote open for three hours–to pass a giant new Medicare entitlement that will bedevil taxpayers and Republicans for decades. Only two weeks ago, he declared that the GOP had cut everything from the federal Leviathan that it possibly could; a week later he was back-tracking under pressure from his own supporters. His worst ethics problems–at least until yesterday–had developed because he stood by as former aides and cronies made themselves rich as influence peddlers by invoking his name.

And that was DeLay’s dumb move.

Update Roger L. Simon‘s spot-on.

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  1. Fausta Says:

    Y al carajo con comemierdas que vengan a insultarme a mí y a mi tierra.

  2. Damn Puerto Ricans! Says:

    You’re right, but you know it’s funny when I see those damn Puerto Ricans waving their flag and marching on a Puerto Rican Parade and just so damn proud of being a Puerto Rican, and I think…

    but Puerto Rico is just another state of the United States of America! What are these guys proud about? Being a colony of America??

    I mean, it’s like if I go out waving the flag of the great state of Alaska!

    Damn Puerto Ricans! They’re weird, lazy, ugly and their lack of culture suck!