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The Zimbawean Pundit writes about The (re)colonization of Zimbabwe, and Death (of a nation) by constitution. While I disagree with Zimpundit’s position that “colonialism is a failure proof way to economic success”, since colonialism failed not only Spain, the land of my ancestors, but basically every European colonial power, Zimpundit’s shedding some light on China’s interest in African mining, and the fact is that the proposed constitutional ammendment — which will effectively eradicate property rights — has been ignored by the international press.

Protests in Venezuela turned nasty — and Aleksander Boyd asks Are foreign journalists on the take?. But not to worry, [Jesse] Jackson tries to soothe Venezuela leader by visiting Chavez’s weekly TV program. China’s been busy in Venezuela, too, with an oil deal. Property rights in Venezuela are soon becoming a thing of the past.

Maybe it all comes down to Global Strategic Positioning, or GSP.

One Free Korea’s hosting today’s Carnival of the Revolutions, with lots more on China, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and the rest of the world.

No Bad Hair Blog international news list would be complete without an item on France in general and Sarkozy in particular, so here you have it: The photographer, the minister, his wife and her ‘lover’. Mrs. Sarko and her boyfriend were featured on the cover of Paris Match but the cover photo is decorous and avoids a Fergie-toe moment. The Telegraph, however, points out the rather obvious,

publication of the photographs has raised suspicions of a political dirty tricks campaign

You don’t say.

Also in Paris Match, a lengthy and rather complaisant (read: dhimmi) article announces Pas de Fatwa pour les transsexuels [No fatwa against transsexuals], featuring the lovely Athena, who recently completed her sex change. To me, the most telling phrase of the article is Athena’s father saying

“C’était inacceptable pour moi, mon seul fils ! Je l’ai battu jusqu’au jour où il a tenté de se suicider. Ensuite, il a fallu que les médecins m’expliquent qu’il n’était pas homosexuel pour que j’accepte l’opération.”
(my translation:)
“It was unacceptable to me, my only son! I beat him every day until he tried to commit suicide. Then, it was necessary that the doctors explain to me that he wasn’t homosexual so I could accept the operation”

My heart goes out to Athena, and I pray her decision was the right one.

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