Arthur has the 20th edition of Good news from Iraq

Among them,

In other recent security successes: the arrest of 50 suspected insurgents, including 17 wanted individuals near Kirkuk; discovery of yet another significant arms cache at Al Montessim; rounding up 25 suspects and weapons near Ad Duluiyah; rounding up more suspects and weapons around Mosul; detention of 36 suspects around Kirkuk, 36 suspects throughout Al Anbar province and 19 near Balad; detention by Iraqi police of a senior insurgent operating an illegal checkpoint in Baghdad; 59 suspects being rounded up throughout the Anbar province; and 42 suspects detained in the Mosul area. Lastly, “in eight separate locations near the Iraqi town of Latifiyah, Task Force Baghdad troops and Iraqi Army Soldiers uncovered a huge cache of weapons, munitions and explosives on Jan. 23… Thousands of small arms ammunition and hundreds of artillery, anti-aircraft and mortar rounds were uncovered west of the north Babil town. Hutton said the task force continues to uncover more munitions in the area, about 35 miles south of the Iraqi capital, putting a dent in any violent plans laid by insurgents.”

And lastly, while Ukraine might be withdrawing its troops from Iraq after the election, its security services have made a considerable contribution to Iraq’s security by preventing an $800 million deal to buy weapons and ammunition for terrorists in Iraq.

As someone said, failure is an orphan, success has many mothers. I wonder how long it’ll take for the UN to take the credit.

As far as the news coverage, Deacon loved Geraldo. Now compare that transcript with France2’s coverage of Dan Rather going nowhere near a polling place in Bagdad. (go to Journal de 20h Voir la vidéo, 5 minutes into the broadcast).

Barcepundit shows the ink-stained finger. He also says

OF COURSE NOT ALL, but some people in Spain can’t fathom that, unlike what happened in Madrid on the general election on March 14, 3 days after the terrorist attacks, there’s a dignified response to Islamofascism.

Take a look at the photos.

In quasi-related news, don’t miss Jack’s Carnival of the Commies and the reactions to the Iraqi elections.

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