Mark Steyn has lots of song lyrics from his readers, among them Old Kid In Town (sung to the music of Take It Easy), Massachusetts Mancini (Baby Elephant Walk), Fifty Ways to Flip Your Flopper (to the music of Slip-slidin’ Away), and The Bossa Snooza, titled The Pol from Massachusetts (also known as The Girl from Ipanema):

Tall and gaunt and grim and dreary

The pol from Massachusetts goes stumping

And as he’s speaking, each one who’s listening

Goes haaaooowwuuuuhhhhhnnnn (yawn)

A reader named Catherine B sent The Kerry Mambo #5, with instructions for the dance

A note on the dance: The John Kerry Mambo is a great deal like the normal mambo, with one notable exception- each individual dancer looks around, sees what other people are doing, copies it, and then changes moves again as soon as the one copied realizes what’s going on. For this reason, we recommend that the dance not be done in large groups, as chaos can result.

Kerry’s not the only subject;  other lyrics include Edwards, the Wilson/Plame couple and Whoopi.

Readers are warned that Mr. Steyn has an article titled Skinnydipping With Al Gore, which brings a visual image much too difficult to grasp at this time of morning.

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